"Good professional service, definitely a recommendation for mates and colleagues back home. Cheers Micky!"

Ben Jones - Sydney, Australia
"For more than 10 years I'm customer at TF. Excellent quality, super service and good advise. And fair prices. Maybe others are cheaper - none were better so far. I'm looking forward to my new suits and coats..."

Michael Sipl - Munich, Germany
"White Suit: "DAS FEST", eines der grössten Opne-Air-Festivals Deutschlands. Und jahrelang gehörte es für mich zur Sonntag-Morgen-Begrüßung des Klassik-Frühstück-Konzerts dazu, dass ich meinen weißen Anzug quasi als Markenzeichen getragen habe."

"Black Tuxedo: Egal ob eine Gala oder festlicher Anlaß, im schwarzen Smoking/Tuxedo fühlte ich mich immer sehr wohl."

Meinen herzlichen Dank an Micky und Peter für jahrelange Top Qualität und tollen Service - so muß Dienstleistung sein, nur zu empfehlen! Christian Klinger, Karlsruhe/Deutschland im Januar 2012

"My sincere thanks to Micky and Peter for years of top quality and great service - that service must be to recommend it!"

Christian Klinger - Karlsruhe, Germany
"Tom's Fashion is my tailor for over 10 years: not a shirt, suit or coat that I wear not just ailleursJ'ai fortunate to live in Bangkok for 3 years, and to bring many visitors. Responsive, professional, thorough, all came away delighted with their orders. The quality is remarkable, is trying to adopt"

Olivier Gourlet - Paris, France
"It has been nice experience and also new one. Thank you."

Tobias Nalzynsk - Duisburg, Germany
"Tailor is excellent from start to finish they tailored and adjusted until you are satisfied. Craftsmanship is good. Ordered 2 full suits and they come out very well."

Gordon Pang - Walnut Creek, USA
"Very satisfied with the service and the result! As a customer, they give you enough time to consider all possibilities, but also give excellent advise."

Joost Tennekes - Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Very good welcome, very professional people who pay a lot of attention to the customer satisfaction. Thanks."

Bruno van der Wielen - Belgium/Thailand
"3rd time since 2007 and 4th suit. Great service and cut. I am still hoping to order a suit on internet."

Carl Shoup - Falls Church, Virginia, USA
"I found my suite really cool!! This is my first time making suite in BKK and I think I am with right hands. Very Professional I must say and I found the fitting is very good. Fully Satisfied"

Shah Fahad Habib - Bangladesh
"Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit unseren neuen anzugen und hemden bzw blusen. Absolute tolle Qualitat und ausgesprochen netter service. Qualitat hat seinen Preis - hier wirklich gerechtferbigt! Den Anzug werde ich wohl auf unserer Hochzeit das erste Mal trogen. Thank you for your excellent!"

Helga & Wolfgang from Austria
"Happy I found this shop out of numerous other namelss tailors - you supplied me with lovely quality and individual work. Will soon try to make a "Dusseldorf Suit Party" happen! Thanks also for the lunch we had- More orders to follow via e-mail or by next visit in September 2007!"

Tino Roman Stoschek, Dusseldorf, Germany
(Bass player, The Frank Popp Ensemble" www.frankpopp.com  www.unique-rec.com  )
"It was very hard to resist Peter not to order 6-7 suits. Now that I 've seen the work done - he was probably right.! I am sure everybody recognises this nice work - so I can direct them to Peter & Micky and "earn" a suit for free! Thanx a lot."

Robert Dannenmaier - IBB Inernational Betreibs Beratung Gmbh-
Management Consulting- Managing Partner - Austria
"First time in Tom's for me, strange since my friend Erik has known one of the owners for years. But now I have finally bought 3 suits and it looks very good! Thanks see you again."

Mikael Lundin from Stockholm, Sweden
"As a walk in guest without any previous knowledge of the business, we were made to feel at home, respected and valued. There are no underhanded dodgy schemes in their business and these gentlemen take their quality seriously. An excellent decision, we consider ourselves lucky to have randomly chosen this fine tailoring establishement."

Peter Du Beau - Ontario, Canada
"Best service I can remember getting while shopping. Very friendly and helpful. I wasn't sure about how to pick options for a custom tailored suit, but they took me through it step-by-step. Amazing product! I am extremely happy with the way my suits, pants and shirts came out and will definately be ordering more in the future. They also have excellent ties."

Jon Bartlett - California, USA
"First time in Bangkok I met the Best Tailors just in 2 hrs. Splendid fitting for the first time in my life. Next time I won't pass by when I pass by."

Jaap Nieuwenhuizen Segaar - Den Haag, Netherlands
"Couldn't be happier with the tailoring and the friendly service."

Paul Mandeville & Alexandra Yurkowski - U.K/N.Z