Suit Details

All Manhattan custom tailor are Hand Tailored with attention to details

Having a suit custom made to your personal specifications requires a meticulous hand-crafted process.

Each garment is expertly tailored, hand cut, sewn and finished by our skilled Shanghainese craftsmen.

Your measurements are re-checked each time we receive your order to allow for variance in weight, and your unique cutter's pattern is updated accordingly.

  • Every Manhattan custom suit is individually hand-cut -- an art we still value -- to your exact measurements and your style preferences.

Upon completion, each suit is carefully checked by our master tailors, to maintain our high standards.

All button holes are hand-sewn with the finest silk thread Ė a keynote of quality workmanship.


Each suit comes complete with the following features:
  • Hand-sewn sleeves and collar.
  • Embroidered initials or full name inside suit jacket.
  • Hand-picked and matched linings and buttons.
  • Hand-made buttonholes.
  • Our trousers are an investment built to last. The inside front of each cuff (which rides on your shoe with every step you take) is reinforced with a band of cloth that will extend the life of your slacks by several years.
  • The construction of the waist band includes latex 'gripper' bands to keep your shirt neatly tucked.

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