Your Measurements and Cut to Fit Your Body
Precise measurements assures proper fit, regardless of style or fabric. We record over 40 Measurements. All your Outfitss will be expertly tailored, hand-cut, and hand finished by skilled Shanghainese craftsmen. We suggest you wear your favorite suit at the time of being measured.

Your Body Form
We make a detailed record of your body form which assists our cutter to take shoulders and standing position into consideration. You Choose the Styles and Cut - Traditional, Contemporary and European.

Paper Patterns & Custom Cutting
Your personal patterns are first drawn on paper and then on to fabric. Each Outfits is individually sketched from initial outlines and patterns before any fabric cutting begins. We keep paper patterns for your future orders so re-ordering can be as simple as picking up the phone. We also keep a complete record of every suit, shirt, jacket and pants that we make for you. With this reference of all your fabrics, it is simple for you to see what you have and what you might want to add to your wardrobe.

Do you own a Outfits that you like duplicated?
We'll be happy to tailor it for you. Just choose the fabrics from our wide selection.

Minor Alterations
In the unlikely event that your new Outfitss need minor alteration, simply send us the bill for reimbursement. It is important you inform us what the exact alteration was, so that we may correct your file for future orders. We keep paper patterns for your future orders.